Hans Christian Andersen

The Prince of Legends | Age 5-10
Guest performances
Age: 5-10
Duration: about an hour
The greatest children's writer of all time, Hans Christian Andersen, comes especially, all the way to the Haifa festival to tell his stories to his niece Alma.
Alma is a new student in the class who feels different and lonely. The creative uncle went with Alma on a journey through the legends - The King's New Clothes, The King of China’s Nightingale, The Ugly Duckling and more...
Come and meet all the beloved characters from the fairy tales, through them Alma will discover her own inherent the beauty, and reassure the great writer about the great power of his stories.
*Photograph: Yossi Tsavkar.

Actors & Producers

:Actors and creator

By Hadas Calderon and Oded Ehrlich

Director: Yossi Jose Cohen

Musical management: Guy Feder

Set design: Limor Hershko

Costume Design: Ella Kolesnik

Movement: Tut Molor

Assistant Director: Vered Yeshakov

Actors: Danny Leshman, Shir Popovich

In collaboration with the Philharmonic players:

Piano - Raphael Skorka

Flute and piccolo - Jay Eshed

Trumpet - Eran Raami

Viola- Vlad (Vladislav) Krasnov

Cello - Haran Meltzer

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