Cramel 2 - Cramel and the Mystery of the Boy Vish

Musical adventure comedy for children | Age 6-12
Guest performances
Duration: about an hour

We return to the beloved magical cat Cramel, for another adventure in Jerome's castle when this time Mila's nephew, a boy named Vish, arrives at the castle.
Together with him, Cramel and the children become entangled in the revenge plan that Mrs. Bloom weaves together with Cecilia Tolin and a new partner in crime, Odile, the daughter of the terrible pirate.
Suspense and mystery, a new and exciting friendship, humor, songs and dances and many more surprises are guaranteed to you in Cramel 2 - and the mystery of the boy Vish.
A musical show based on the best-selling and acclaimed book by Meira Barnea Goldberg.
*Kfir Bolutin photo.

Actors & Producers

Actors and creators

Play: Shirili Deshe

Dramaturgy: Roy Segev

Directed by: Ido Colton

Music: Lior Ronen

Set design: Roy Akab

Costume design: Ronnie Wagner

Cramel character design: inspired by Keren May Mitcalf 

Choreography: Rom Sekar

Lighting design: Baruchi Spiegelman

Language and speech: Ziv Zohar Meir

Accessories: Narciss Alba

Assistant Director: Shira Braude

Participants: Aviv Karmi/Liz Rabian, Assaf Levy, Miri Zahavi/Lior Proter, Naomi Oren, Or Mashiach, Maya Buchovski, Adir Shtibelman, Eden Goldman

Upcoming performances

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