Way too crowded

A story, full of fun and wonder about the full half of the glass. | age 3-7

For ages: 3-7

 Way Too Crowded

For ages: 3-7

Duration: 45 minutes

Gershon's family lives all together, crowded into one small room, and they urgently need a solution.


The advice they get from the village sage doesn't make any sense at all, but then they find out how smart it is, and the overcrowding problem is solved in a surprising way.

A story that encourages us to appreciate what we have, and teaches us to always see the full half of the glass, even if sometimes it's difficult.


*Photograph: Yossi Tsevkar


Please note,

The performance on April 25, Thursday, at 11:30,

is accessible for children with special needs.


Actors & Producers

Play: Gil Czarnovitz, Mittal Salakmon - Ratan

Directed by: Gil Czarnovitz

Decor, costumes and accessories: Limor Hershko

Music: Ben Arnon

Production and patents: Didi Alon

Assistant director: Noam Gaz

With participation: Matan Kaliger - Asor

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