50 min

Matan in the magical lands

Matan in the magical lands

Haifa theater

Age: 5-8

Duration: about 50 minutes

A musical show full of imagination. A journey of adventure trip combined with songs written by Naomi Shemer, music composed by Shlomo Gronich, which will be revealed to the audience for the first time in the show. Matan takes his little twin sisters Yam and Shahar on trips full of imagination and courage in exotic countries - the Land of Sand, the Land of Hugs, the Land of Sad Children and more. Along the journey together the three learn about friendship, love and longing.

Actors & Producers

Play written and directed by Itzik Weingarten

Lyrics - Naomi Shemer

Music - Shlomo Groenich

Decor and costumes - Frida Shoham

Motion design - Galia Fardkin

Ofir Mardkhaiv, Gili Ganni, Tamar Barbi, Oriya Komornik

Nagan-Noam Buchris

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