A strict teacher and a mischievous bubblegum in a story that begins with anger and ends in friendship | 6-10


The Carriage Theater


Miriam the teacher hates bubblegum! The chewing sounds, the wrapper rustling, the stickiness, the sugar rush, everything! Miriam decides to educate the class with a special lesson against chewing, but during the lesson one mischievous gum decides to disturb her, make her laugh and do everything to throw her off balance.
Will Miriam manage to get rid of the gum? Or will a wonderful friendship develop between them?

Actors & Producers

Miriam Lupu Novoplansky

Creator - Miriam Lupu Novoplansky, Director - Gony Paz, Music by - Lee Gaon, Acting Advisor - Adili Liberman, Lighting design - Yair Segal

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