The Rat that couldn't sing

A funny musical adventure that chips away at what you knew about success, failure and the experiences between them | age 5-10

The Rat that couldn't sing

Glasses Theater for kids and youth


a bold rat from a cheese-loving family challenges stereotypes by entering a singing contest, disputing the belief that rats are terrible singers. With a cowardly guard dog by her side, she journeys through a forest of peculiar animals, seeking their help to find her distinct voice.

Actors & Producers

Play: Noa Gendelman

Director: Ido Colton

Composers: Yoar Yaakov

Choreography: Rom Sekar

Set design: Maya Babila

Costume design: Roni Shimron

Musical management: Aili Shmertz

Production of accessories for the poster: Noi Ben Shua

Assistant Director: Noam Marom

With the participation of: Amit Partok, Dar Rosenbaum, Sahar Udai, Uri Perlman, Maya Poplinger

Upcoming performances

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