45 min

The Lion Inside

A wild and hilarious adaptation to the beloved book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field | 3-8

The Lion Inside

The mediatheque theater

3-8 | 45 min

A tiny, shy mouse, who feels invisible, feels he must try and make himself seen and respected. He decides to learn how to roar like a lion, from the lion himself, of course. Mouse summons up enough courage, and goes to the huge, scary lion. Will the lion welcome him, or turn him into a meal, or will something else entirely happen?

Actors & Producers

The play is based on the book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Play, direction and movement by Ruth Tamir

Music: Tal Blecherowitch

Sets & Accessories : Shay Aharon

Costumes & Accessories: Alona Rodnav

Language training and speech: Margalit Gez

Assistant Director: Idan Gilat

Players: Tamir Ginzburg, Shira Sinai

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