An Adventure from the Books

Inspired by Deborah Omar's book

A magical journey into the books of the writer, Israel Prize winner, Deborah Omer.

The masterpiece characters of the beloved creator, come to life in a virtual reality built in several spaces in the theater. The audience moves from story to story, participates in the action, and faces the puzzles and challenges in the context of Escape Rooms.

A unique combination of play and participation in a theatrical experience!


Duration: About an hour and a half

For ages 10-14

Actors & Producers

Idea, writing and direction: Tzvia Huberman

Game consultant: Guy Bosco

Design and construction of spaces: Or Matoki

Video design: Sivan Pressler

Music: Avi Binyamin

Video programming: Guy Prismet

Actors: Ron Richter, Noah Frank, Tali Roth, Adi Zak/Alon De-Fries


Production: Vardit Cohen

Operation: Eyal Zilberstein

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