The Bridge

The Kibbutz Theater in collaboration with the German Comedy Theater

Anakoni and Duboni, two neighbors who have never met, build a narrow bridge over the chasm that separates them. But what do you do when they meet in the middle of the bridge and both want to cross at the same time?

Inspired by Heinz Janish's book. A teddy bear, Duboni lives in the wintery and rainy "Dov Larov" cliff. On the other side, across the chasm, in the hot and forever summer land of "Har-Anak", lives the giant Anakoni. Neither of them have ever left their homes before, and they have never met each other, until one day, they build a bridge over the abyss. Now they have to decide, which of them will pass first, if at all.

An international production of the Kibbutz Israel Theater in collaboration with the Comedy Theater - Cologne, Germany.

Duration: 50 minutes.

For ages: 4-8

Actors & Producers

Initiated and directed by: Idan Amit

Playwright: Oren Jacobi

Dramaturgy: Uta M. Testrak\ Rebecca Nosen

Music: Tal Belchrovitch

Set design and lighting: Andreas Alexander Strauber

Costumes: Shira Wise

Video design: Ya’ara Niral

Operator: Itamar Gilad

Choreographer: Itay Shalev

With the participation of: Sapir Yosef, Eddie Alterman, Yones Ambau

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