The Song Thief

A play by Ephraim Sidon starring Toval Shafir

Mishkafayim Theater

When, one by one, the words and melodies in the Kingdom of Songs are stolen, one must respond before the Kingdom is left without songs. And, surprisingly, it is the young princess who volunteers to go on a dangerous journey to the Kingdom of the Song Thief to return the loot. On her way she will meet a host of colorful characters and experience daring adventures, and all this in a compelling, fascinating and humorous show.

Duration: 60 minutes.

For ages: 5-8

Actors & Producers

Playwright: Ephraim Sidon

Director: Liron Noach

Compositions and musical arrangement: Yaron Kafkafi

Set design: Frida Shoham

Costume Design: Ella Colasnik

Movement design: Tomer Yafarah

Lighting design: Roi Dvir

Dramaturgy: Roy Lahav Finmaser

Assistant Director and producer: Alon Getsovitz

Make-up: Roy Pisakhov

With the participation of: Toval Shafir, Miri Zahavi, Roni Ackerman, Ariel Kurt, Or Shaul

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