Theatre Advanture

Ages 5-10
A breakthrough theater experience!
Tamar runs away from her friends and accidentally enters back-stage, behind the scenes of the theater, where she is drawn into an exciting adventure. She meets surprising characters, travels in imaginary worlds and even manages to create a play herself. An interactive play that takes place in several spaces, specially designed and built at the Haifa Theater. A magical and mysterious journey behind the scenes of the theater.

Actors & Producers

Idea, writing and directing: Zvia Huberman

Design of spaces and costumes: Limor Hershko

Video design: Studio Insight - Guy Romem

Lighting design: Eran Klein

Composer: Avi Binyamin

Technical production management and multimedia: Ofer Tal

Production Management: Dor Shalom

 Production: Tali Laufer

Multimedia Consulting: Guy Presment

Multimedia operation and control: Eyal Zilberstein

Featuring: Tali Roth, Noya Frank, Ron Richter, Alon de Paris

Initiative: Haifa Theater staff 

Upcoming performances

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