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The 34th Haifa International Festival of Children's Theatre

Passover 2024, from 24th to 26th April at the Haifa Theater

The Haifa International Festival for Children's Theatre will take place again this year, and will include unique, high quality performances, including wonderful street theater artists from around the world!!!
This is the 34th time that The Haifa Theater is holding the Haifa International Festival of Children's Plays - the leading children's cultural event in Israel. Once again, the Haifa Theater puts itself at the forefront of cultural activity and creativity for children.

There is no doubt that this year, enriching the cultural lives of children and families from all over the country, and bringing excitement, culture and humor to our families is an important mission.
The festival will be opened this year by "Daddy, read me Story" - a musical show with the wonderful songs of the legendary and beloved creator and singer, Miki Gavrielov, who is celebrating 60 years of music creation this year, in a play by Hadas Calderon and Erez Chen, directed by Avishi Ben Gal ,a joint production of the Haifa Theater and the National Theater.
The play tells the story of Michael, who lives with his father Gavriel in a Moshav. Michael is a dreamer, who likes to be at home and hear stories. He embarks on a mission, against all odds, against his father's advice and against the will of his friends to save Grandpa Yehuda's field that is intended for sale. On this mission he will understand that you are never too small to make an impact, and that together with others, you can make a difference. An exciting musical show, with Miki Gabrielov's favorite songs - "Daddy, read me a Story", "When we come", "IMA ADAMA" and more... (intended for ages 6 to 10).
This year, Gavrielov, one of the most respected creators in Israeli music, winner of the Acom Prize for Lifetime Achievement as well as the AM Award for Lifetime Achievement, celebrates 60 years of creative activity. His song, "Daddy, read me a Story", is Gavrielov's first solo song.

Gavrielov, who began his career as a bassist and producer in the band "The Churchills" and developed as a composer in his famous cooperation with Arik Einstein in the early 1970’s. In 1980 he broke out in a solo career, positioning him as one of the most recognized Israeli voices. He has collaborated with many prominent Israeli artists: Yonatan Gefen, Chava Elberstein, Yigal Bashan, Dafna Armoni, Korin Elal, Danny Litani and more.

This year, about 150 original plays were submitted to the festival. From these, five were finally selected by the festival’s artistic committee: Yifat Zandani Tzafrir, Miri Lazar, Uri Oren and Roy Segev, the artistic director of the festival.
These plays will premiere at the festival:

● "Matan in unique places" (produced by the Haifa Theater) - A musical show full of imagination. An adventure featuring original songs with lyrics by Naomi Shemer, and music composed by Shlomo Gronich. Matan takes his little twin sisters, Yam and Shahar on exotic adventures to unknown countries - the Land of Sands, the Land of Hugs, the Land of Sad Children and more. Along their journey together, the three learn about longing, love and friendship.

● "Chewing Gum" (produced by the Train Theater) a hilarious puppet theater production, about an orderly teacher, and mischievous chewing gum which decides to disturb her, make her laugh and do everything it can to throw her off balance.

● "The Mozzarella Rat" (produced by the Spectacles Theater), you won't believe what happens to her... a funny, musical adventure about a rat who decides to compete in a singing competition even though everyone knows she sings off-key. She embarks on a journey of trial and error, and self-discovery to find her own unique voice.

● "The Lion Within" (produced by the Mediatheque Theater) a rollicking stage adaptation of the beloved book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. What happens when a tiny mouse has had enough of feeling timid? One day he has a great idea. If he roars, all the animals will respect him. But there is only one way to roar really loud – and you have to learn that from the giant lion. So the mouse overcomes his terrible fear, gathers courage and approaches the lion to ask for his help. A wild and wonderful musical about courage, and a very surprising friendship.

● “Mismatch" (produced by the Haifa Theater and the Kibbutz Theater) - the story of Michael and Alon who dream of being the stars of their school basketball team, but unfortunately, they miss the ride. The two embark on a laugh-out-loud adventure where they will discover that the fate of the school depends on them and that only together can they save it.

In addition to the plays in the competition, the Haifa Theater will be staging the premier of: "Overcrowded” - a play by Gil Czarnovitz and Mittal Selkmon - Ratan, directed by Gil. The show tells about Gershon's family, which lives all together in a small and very crowded room, and urgently needs a solution. The advice the family receives from the village sage sounds completely illogical, but then they find out how smart she is, and the overcrowding problem is solved in a surprising way.
This is a story that encourages us to appreciate what we have, and teaches us to always look at the full half of the glass instead of at the empty half, even if that’s sometimes difficult.
The show is suitable for ages 3-7. There is also an accessible version (details and dates on the Haifa Festival website).

Again this year, despite the obvious challenges, the open-air street theater complex will be set up at the festival, under the artistic direction of Yinon Zafrir and Gibson Bar-El, of the Ortho-Da Group, and will provide, as always, an exciting and unforgettable experience to the audience.
Inon Zafrir and Bar-El: "The international artists of the open-air street theater complex continue to believe in the festival and see it as a global experience that connects worlds and crosses cultures. Despite the complexity of the current situation in Israel we will have visiting artists from 8 countries, over 4 continents: Spain, Italy, Austria, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Uruguay, and of course, Israel.
Entrance to the open-air complex will be free of charge as it is every year.

This year, the festival will host unique, high quality plays from the finest children's theaters in Israel, including 'The Little Prince' (The Spectacle Theater in collaboration with the Israeli Flamenco Troupe), 'Let's say the world was a child' (The Train Theater) - a children's play in which the participants and creators are children themselves, the play “Land, Sea, Land” (Clipa Theater, reserved places) - a show adapted for children with special needs. All these alongside plays for toddlers, accessible plays, plays for the visually impaired, dance theater and more.

Director General of the Theater - Nitza Ben Zvi:

"Children are very, very sensitive to what is happening around them. Their sensors are constantly in the receiving mode, and they experience heightened emotional experiences. This year, with all the pain we are experiencing, we are also subject to a constant storm of emotions. So this year in particular, I want to invite you parents and grandparents, to experience the festival together with us, with an open heart, just like children, to see the world through their eyes and apply a balm to one’s aching soul, if only for a few days of peace and a smile.
“We are hosting the finest artists and creators in the field of children's theater at our festival, and I am proud to head an institution that makes a tradition of high culture accessible to everyone, from the entire spectrum of Israeli society."
“This year, as in previous years, the festival is making sure to present accessible plays for children with special needs and the visually impaired.
Tickets for selected shows will be allocated free of charge for the families of the evacuees, by prior arrangement.

The Artistic Director of the festival, Roi Segev

"This year more than ever we put our hopes in the younger generation, who will bring us a better future. The festival continues to nurture the future generation, maintains an uncompromising quality of art for the younger generation, and sets the highest bar in the field of culture for children.
This is the fourth year that the festival is under my management and just like every year when the time of the festival arrives, I look at the children who come to the festival for the first time looking with curious eyes, sitting, eagerly and excitedly in the performances and entering the world of the colorful characters and I can't help but get excited along with them as if it were my first time as well.

Come and let's make memories and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

When: 24-26 April, 2024 during the Pesach holidays

Where: Haifa Theater, 27 Pevzner St. Haifa

Tickets and information:

Phone: 04-8600500 | WhatsApp: 053-4984976

Website: www.haifakids.co.il

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